常見錯誤 Do you like dog or dogs?

常見錯誤 Do you like dog or dogs?

Posted by Grant Richardson, 18th December, 2015

If you like to eat the meat from dogs, then you like dog.

If you like to play with/take care of/pat them, then you like dogs.

This is the same for other animals which are countable (have a plural form), such as cats, rabbits, chickens, lambs (baby sheep), etc. For example:

Whale isn’t sold in most countries because whales are an endangered species.

There are a few countable animals that have a special name for their meat: pork (from pigs), beef (from cows), veal (from baby cows — called ‘calves’), mutton (from adult sheep). Therefore, people don’t eat cow; they eat beef.

In contrast, fish is uncountable. So it could mean either the animal or its meat. For example:

Fish is sold everywhere because people believe that there are still plenty of fish in the sea.

Incidentally, for health, environmental, and ethical reasons, I now get my protein and calcium from a plant-based diet (or a vegan diet). I can say:

I’ve gone vegan

Whether or not to eat animals is a personal choice, but I see no moral difference between eating different kinds of animals (such as dog, horse, pig, cow, chicken, or fish), only taste.

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