General English

General English

Course: General English 2

Description: General English lessons at lower-intermediate to intermediate level.

Lessons focus on speaking, listening, pronunciation, reading, writing, polite and common expressions, grammar, common mistakes and so on.

Lessons are designed around topics and activities of interest to the learners (travel, internet, food, entertainment etc.). Activities may include pair/group discussions, short stories, newspaper articles, games, song lyrics, short videos, guided role-play, and so on.

Course dates: Every weekend (on-going). Other days available according to demand
Class time: Dates, times and duration may be arranged according to students’ mutually suitable preferences
Class size: 4-8 students
Course fee: $230/hr for 1 month (4 x 2hr lessons) — Total charge: $1840
Booking: Open for enrolments. Contact Grant to book your place on the General English 2 course.